Wonderful Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked country and Mountains run down its western side of the large Lake Kivu sitting along the western border. The country is blessed with lakes, waterfalls and ancient forests which boost 200 species of trees, 300 species of orchids, many not documented. However, when it comes to wildlife, Rwanda has variety including the famous mountain Gorillas, chimpanzee, and rare golden monkeys. Animal magic is the best way to sum up the land of thousand views wildlife. The volcano hills, flora and fauna, montane forest of Nyungwe and volcanoes, Akagera National park are present day Rwanda’s wildlife territory which are highlights to several tours to Africa. Thousands come to Africa particularly to Rwanda after browsing all Africa tour destinations and find Rwanda second to none. Are you looking at visiting Rwanda soon? Check out the countries best wildlife spots and make it appoint to at least visit one.

The Volcanoes National park

Africa’s famous park protects steep slopes of Rwanda section of the Virunga Mountain arrange of six extinct and three active volcanoes which straddle the boarder of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Volcanoes green part offers a beautiful calm forest coloured with massive stands of bamboo and Alpine moorlands dominated by lobelia and Sececio plants similar to those found in Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. The park has has at least something for everyone taking a safari in Rwanda including the 50kim forest walking trails, tours to the twin lakes and Caves, Golden monkey trek, bird watching tours, Gorilla tracking adventure, fascinating section of mountain climbs like Karisimbi & Karisoke, culture tours among others.

Among the 880 remaining mountain gorillas in the world over 480 are protected here with only 80 tourists are allowed in their park domain per day many of which book their Gorilla tracking permit in advance. The Park also hosts the world famous Annual Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony the Kwita Izina which attracts many all over the world hence making it the most wildlife haven in Rwanda.

The Oldest Forest in Africa

The largest montane forest in Africa Nyungwe is a home to 13 primate species and the only place to track chimpanzees in Rwanda. Visitors to the forest enjoy extra ordinary birding experience, panoramic view point on the canopy, forest walks without missing out the forest hogs, otters, duikers, civets, and elephants though. It’s a right place to explore the natural beauty of Rwanda’s forests. If time permits you can also combine your visit with gorilla tracking which makes your experience more thrilling and exceptional. The most common tours done are the three days chimpanzee tracking tour with an optional forest walk and the five day Gorillas and chimpanzee trek tour Rwanda.

Lovely Lake Kivu

Lake kivu is a Rwanda extension holiday option of several tourists covering a total surface area of some 2730 km2 and stands at a height of 1463 m above sea level. The tropical gardens, beach sandy and an open plan of the Serena hotel makes it indeed a lovely place for beach, honey moon and weekend gateways. Besides the ringed hills, hot springs and the sandy beaches offer excellent lakeside resorts, water sports and Island tours to guests who visit the place. Sun bathing, swimming, walking, fishing, rural village tours, boat ride are other leisure activities which can keep you busy through your stay. With Lake Kivu accommodation you can chose to sleep with in or in the nearby town of Kibuye and changugu.However, other Rwanda wildlife casts include a wide range of antelopes, Zebras,Buffalloes,Giraffes, Hipos,Lions,Leopards,spotted hynas, golden cats and giant forest hogs mosty spoted in Akagera National park. Having traveled extensively in Africa I learnt that Rwanda prides it selves in having the best wildlife and this is a guarantee to you.