Ultimate Wildlife Safari Experiences in Uganda

Located in East Africa, Uganda is among a few countries on the planet that offer ultimate and very satisfactory wildlife safari experiences. The country’s wildlife range from mammals, primates, reptiles, birds, a variety of flora and so much more which gives tourists an opportunity to explore more about the pearl of Africa and also appreciate the country’s beauty.

While on a Uganda safari, you cannot stop to be amazed by the sightings of various wildlife species and relief features. The best wildlife safaris can be experienced in Uganda’s major national parks all with a number of wildlife species.

Kidepo valley national park located in northeastern Uganda has the true African wilderness. This national park is located in a semi desert area but it’s a home to wildlife species like the cape buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, lions, ostriches and many other bird species. Most of the wildlife species in this national park can be best viewed from the Narus valley where there is an oasis where most animals gather to get water for drinking and the herbivores like the zebras to get fresh pasture.

South of Kidepo valley is mount Elgon national park located in eastern Uganda. While here, you get to view the volcanic mountain with the largest base on earth as well as one of the biggest calderas. The adventurous tourists can visit the mountain for hiking while others can go for nature walks viewing a number of attractions like the Sipi falls, birds species or go for cultural visits to the Bamasaba people who have unique traditional practices like the male circumcision ceremony that enables a transformation of boys from childhood to manhood.

In mid western Uganda is Murchison falls national park that stretches up to northern Uganda. This is the biggest national park in the country and among the most visited by tourists seeking for ultimate wildlife safari experiences. The national park is a home to the big four animals (elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards), hippos, Nile crocodiles that usually live at the banks of river Nile, giraffes, hartebeests, Oribi, warthogs, baboons, primates like monkeys, and a number of bird species. Tourists here can engage in a number of activities including a visit to the Murchison falls that forms a permanent rain ball, go for boat trips along river Nile viewing a number of aquatic animals, go for game drives or primate tracking in Kaniyo Pabidi forest reserve.

Also in the west are Queen Elizabeth national, Kibale forest national park, mount Rwenzori national park, semuliki valley national park and lake Mburo national park. Queen Elizabeth national park has the highest hippopotamus population in east Africa which inhabit the banks of Kazinga channel, elephants, crocodiles, tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, chimpanzees in the Kyambura gorge forest, a number of antelopes and many others. Kibale forest national park is commonly known as the primate capital of east Africa because of the high number of primates especially chimpanzees the national park has. Kibale forest national park is the best place for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. Mountain Rwenzori national park is also blessed with a number of wildlife but first is the mountain itself. The peaks of mountain Rwenzori are snow capped and therefore good for hiking. The wildlife species the national park has include the three-horned chameleon, forest elephants and a number of birds endemic to the Albertine region. Semuliki valley national park has hippos, forest elephants, and birds some of which are from the central Africa while lake Mburo national park has zebras, warthogs, giraffes, Topi’s, waterbucks, buffaloes among others. Tourists in lake Mburo national park have a chance to view the wildlife while riding horses.

Lastly are the gorilla parks located in the southwestern Uganda, the best places to enjoy gorilla safaris in Africa. These are; Bwindi impenetrable national and Mgahinga gorilla national park – homes to mountain gorillas some of the greatly endangered apes on earth. Mountain gorillas offer unique wildlife experiences and can be trekked at any time of the year. The mountain gorilla trekking permits are usually sold at $600 during the peak season and $350 during the low seasons. Uganda is indeed a very unique country and therefore all those seeking for ultimate wildlife experiences should not look further.

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