When to Visit Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda?

Uganda the pearl of Africa, impressive to visit Gorillas at no specific season. Uganda is endowered with mountain Gorillas in plenty and this makes it possible to track them whenever you feel you are missing them. There are two types of payments for Gorilla permits and these payments leave the choice in your hands. There is a season when flow of tourists is low in the months of April, May and November where a Uganda Gorilla permit comes down to 450 US dollars and the rest of the months when tourists are moving at a high rate, the Gorilla permit goes to 600 US dollars. With Eco Tours Rwanda, the services provided to our clients remain advanced irrespective of how much you paid.

In Uganda, our guides will take through Bwindi National Park where the ultimate experience is derived. Experienced they are, to take you in all you would need out of this park especially Gorilla tracking. There four sectors in Bwindi inhabiting different families of Gorillas that is  Nkuringo which inhabits only one family of Gorillas, Buhoma inhabiting Mubare, Habinyanja and Rushegura families, Ruhija inhabiting Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguriro families, Rushaga inhabiting Mishaya, Nshongi, Busingye, Kahungye, Bweza, Bikingi and Bushaho families. With all this, the ball is in your hands to either play it or not. You can even go ahead to pay for two gorilla permits to enable you visit two Gorilla families. All this is possible with us making your dream come true.

In Rwanda, we take you up to Volcanoes National Park well known for mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. This park is also associated with different families as elaborated here Sabyinyo family; habits the closest territory to the park’s edge between Mt. Sabyinyo from which it takes its name and Mt. Gahinga. It’s a two hours walk to reach the Gorillas, with its memorable and unforgettable group leader Guhonda of 220kg having the largest silver back to date.  Amahoro family; means peaceful led by Ubumwe.  There is a steep climb to reach this group but once you are there, no regrets for your efforts of climbing with such the amazing looks of these gorillas. They really display a peaceful stage like their name stands hence keeping the group known and attractive to anyone who would have interest in tracking them.

The Umubano family; means live together led by Charles the silver back who was once part of Amahoro group. When matured to the same rank as Ubumwe, decided to form   its own but the two groups live peacefully alongside each other and here Ubumwe is seen giving respect to Umubano revealing the togetherness in its name. Susa group; currently the largest family of Gorillas in the world. It’s this group that the oldest poppy is found said to have been born in 1976. This group is hosted along river Susa where its name originates.

Kwitonda family which includes three silver backs known to have come from Uganda and DRC to establish itself on the slopes of Mt. Muhabura. Agashya family named after its commanding silver back whose name means the news. This group is known to spend most of its time on the forested saddle between Mt. Sabyinyo and Mt. Gahinga. Hirwa family an emerging group of members from the other groups. The newest group being hosted on the foothills of Mt. Sabyinyo on the side of Gahinga with its name meaning the lucky one.  Travel with us and get the best you would ever think of.

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