Buying & Fueling a Car on a Self Drive Uganda

In most certain times when you search the internet for self drive car rentals in Uganda, you will absolutely get a huge number of results about car rental agencies, forums and blogs to mention but a few. You probably go ahead and visit each and every result, the car rental agency, browse through the whole site and actually get what you need. Its very un common for some if not all that mention about the fuel for the cars they rent out.

Usually when you go ahead and ask for a quote of car rental in Uganda, you will probably get the quote for the car hire on daily basis and maybe driver guide quote but you would never get a mention about gas refill information. Usually the agencies leave that for you to decide. However this is a very important aspect in regards car rental in Uganda.

The process of gas refuel in Uganda is almost completely different from America or the UK or middle east. Just like most many fuel stations outside Uganda may be using cards or got billed at the end of the month, its completely different here in Uganda. You short of gas, you drive to the gas station, with a pump attendant there, you will order for the amount of fuel you want in terms of shillings and you will get exactly what you ordered.

However the biggest mistake many tourists on a self drive in Uganda make is forget to keep a look at the pump metre as it counts. They also forget that Uganda is a developing country which of course anyone is trying to earn a living even when it means cheating especially when its a foreigner. These pump attendants earn little monies and are paid at the end of the month which isn’t even enough, so if they get an opportunity to make an extra shilling, they will definitely do.

Very much recommendable that whenever you stop at a gas station, don’t ‘bossy’ around and stay sitted in the drivers seat, get out and get closer to the pump or lower the behind mirror and observe the meter starts counting from zero or the pump was reset otherwise you will fall a victim of cheat.

There are probably thousands of gas stations in Kampala, for each and every corner of the town you will probably get a fuel station which calls for a reasonable price per litre in around Kampala. Usually recommended if you plan a self drive car hire in Uganda, get the first full tank in Kampala, and if you are taking a vehicle with a reserve tank, make use of the reserve tank as this will help you upcountry and you will be in for a big save on gas with your car hire in Uganda.

The price of fuel in Uganda varies from town to town, from one gas station to the other. Here you have to take a closer look so to get a good price by comparing. Expect between $1 and $2 per litre. Its more expensive upcountry than in towns close to Kampala. A small rav4 recommendable for self drive will take you between 650-700kms depending on the nature of driving and the terrain. Maintain an average acceleration to save enough gas with this SUV full time 4W car.

When you are upcountry, try as much as possible to always keep the gas to full tank and not refuel when you have a little distance to finalize your trip. Make sure you do right calculations about the distance remaining and the fuel needed.

There are also very many brands of gas stations in Uganda owned privately by individuals with different gas prices. There is no government intervention in the gas prices in Uganda.

The most recommended gas stations are the French owned Total and the shell gas stations. These gas stations and a few others have good quality gas for your self drive car hire in Uganda. Other gas stations are good as well but others are not that will give you bad fuel and could damage the car engine.

And should you be on a self drive safari in Uganda, make sure you service the car at the recommended gas stations by your car rental agency in Uganda.

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