Go Fishing along Lake Victoria in Uganda

Uganda boasts of the 2nd largest fresh water lake in Africa – Lake Victoria. This lake offers great opportunities to both locals and tourists who want to go fishing. The lake is a great place to unwind or rewind and its islands are among the most beautiful tropical inland beaches in Africa. Looking for a relaxing holiday on the lake shores. The lake Victoria shores are very good and sky blue beaches will rejuvenate your brain from the usual tussle and hustles.

How to Get There

would you like to go fishing? Whether you take a fully inclusive guided safari or take an independent self drive in Uganda, you will have the best of your time in Uganda. There are many local tour operators who offer a guided fishing safari in Uganda as well as local car rental agencies who will reserve a good and reliable car for you.

On the day of this trip, you will wake up very early in the morning and have a cup of tea. Then at exactly 7:00 am, you will start your ignition and drive for about 40km from the Kmapala city Centre to Entebbe on Lugard Avenue just outside Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. You will park your vehicle here and walk just a stone’s throw to the pier from where you will take a boat to this lake.

These boats are equipped with an overhead sun canopy, rain suits (there can be a certain amount of spray when the lake is rough), mobile phone, life jackets, basic first aid box and fire extinguisher on board for your safety. Some even have a cooler box on board for cold drink storage.

For fishing, there are two sessions- one that is conducted in the morning which commences at 9:00 Am and goes on up to 11 Am and another one that runs from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.However,you can opt for a full day fishing trip which is approximately 8 hours on the water and a half day around 4 hours. Fishing is done around local islands about a 45 minute boat trip from Entebbe.

The areas fished will depend upon the weather and how the fish are biting. At certain times of the year the lake can be very rough with large swells and so then you utilize the sheltered bays for fishing.

You will carry your picnic lunch and a cool box of beers, mineral water and sodas as well as tea and coffee. You will leave this lake very late in the evening and drive back to your hotel of residence in either Kampala or Entebbe and this will mark the end of your one day self-drive fishing vacation to L.Victoria.